Japanese – English Translation Resources

 The New Nelson Japanese-English Character Dictionary, Nelson, A. N.; Haig, J. H., Charles E. Tuttle & Co, Rutland (Vermont), 1997.  ISBN 0-8048-2036-8
Japanese-English English-Japanese Glossary of Scientific Terms, Tung, L. W., John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1993.  ISBN 0-471-57463-5

The Kodansha Japanese-English Dictionary, Shimizu, M.; Narita, S., Kodansha, Tokyo, 1976.  ISBN: 0-87011-421-2

The Kodansha English-Japanese Dictionary, Kawamoto, S., Kodansha, Tokyo, 1969.  ISBN: 0-87011-420-4

Kenkyusha’s Furigana English-Japanese Dictionary, Kenyusha, Tokyo, 1990.  ISBN 4-7674-1172-6

A Guide to Reading & Writing Japanese, Sakade, F.; Emori, K.; Friedrich, R.; Ohashi, S. (eds.), Charles E. Tuttle & Co, Rutland (Vermont), 1959.  ISBN 0-8048-0226-2

Sanseido’s New Concise Japanese-English Dictionary, Sanseido, Tokyo, 1985.  ISBN 4-385-10208-2

General mirrors Medical
Jim Breen’s WWWJDIC E-J J-E Dictionary [Virginia Mirror]
[Poland Mirror]
[Hawaii Mirror]
Bioscience Glossary and Dictionary (Glossary: JA<>EN; Dictionary: JA>JA; EN>JA, GeneEd)
ぷちナースの広場 (Nurse Forum) Medical Glossary
寄生虫学用語集 Parasitology (Medical) Glossary
EN>JA Medicinal Chemistry Glossary
Medical Glossary EN>JA I
Medical Glossary EN>JA II
Medical Glossary JA>EN I
Medical Glossary JA>EN II
Medical Abbreviations EN>JA
EN>JA Medical Glossary (Jedline)
Medical Glossary (Japanese Circulatory Society)
Medical - Pharmacological Glossary
学術用語対訳 - Translation of Scientific Terms
Online Scientific Terms JA<>EN
Life Sciences Dictionary
JEDLINE Japanese-English Dictionary Online
EEG Glossary (CTF Systems)
Glossary of the Japanese Electrocardiology Society
Dental Terms
Japanese Drug Name Database
Japanese Pharmacopoeia (14th Ed) Japanese  English
Biomedical Links
和英/英和辞典 - Japanese English Dictionary [NH mirror]
[Sweden mirror]
[Australia mirror]
Eijirō 英辞郎
Glova's 怒涛の訳例辞書
Big Globe Patent Terms
Yamaoka EN<>JA Search
Kanji Search
Jim Breen’s WWWJDIC Multi-Radical Search
Kiki's Kanji Dictionary
Unihan Radical Stroke Index
Patents Chemical
Japanese Patent Attorney search 弁理士リスト検索システム
Horsefrog Patent Glossary
PIPERS Virtual Intellectual Property Library (lists of patent agents and attorneys)
JATRO E>J Patents Dictionary
Brophy-Phillips Patent Term Database
Patro Patent Glossary site
Patent Translation World
Takeuchi's Stereochemistry
Chemical Substances Database (Patent Translation World)
Javascript Chemical Name Translator
Plastics glossary
Chemical Nomenclature (Trivial names) Listing by family and searchable
Chemical Substances Database (searchable)
Honyaku Archives  (Asako Mizuno)
Repair of mojibake text
Sanseido E-J J-E Dictionary
Goo 辞書
e-Honyaku e翻訳ドットネット
Yahoo Japan Word Search
日本科学技術関 係逐次刊行物総覧 / Directory of Japanese Scientific Periodicals
Technical (Design/Manufacturing) Glossary (ordered by yomigana)
Forestry Glossary
Japanese Laws (text and explanations)
MicroSoft Japanese Terminology Glossary
Plastics Terminology
Engineering Glossary (organized by yomigana)
Paper making glossary
Architectural Wordlist with yomigana
Optical Technology
Internet Translation Resources
Business Glossary
IT Words Online
Windows terminology
JeKai Japanese-English Dictionary Project
Ocean Dictionary EN>JA  Ocean Dictionary JA>EN
Specialized Yomikata Glossaries
Names of Herbs
Glossary of Terms for Earth Resources
Computer and IT Terms , , , , , , , , abbreviations
Membrane and Membrane Process Terminology
英 日ことわざ対訳リスト
Words of Wisdom (Kotowazu)
Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
Sunsite Address Guide
Yuujiro (郵次郎) Address Guide
Japanese Translation of Latin Proverbs/Idioms
Japanese First Name Search
Japanese Last Name Search
Japanese Last Name (by furigana)
Japanese Name Search
CJK Characters
Microsoft Multilingual Support
Machine Translation
Infoseek JA<>EN machine translation
OCN JA<>EN, JA<>KR machine translation

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